Your need is our focus

The project work for a contractor is designed based on the contractor need in a cost effective way and with the
right quality at the right time. Flexibility is a key to success when it comes to project work and with the experience
of working with many different contractors, an organisation for your needs is at hand.

The development process is coordinated by an experienced team that assists throughout the process. A
development team with persons chosen based on the task are put together for your service. The team is lead by a
project manager who is your dedicated contact person within Bioglan.

The project manager will assist you in:

  • communication of project status.
  • responding to inquiries and questions.
  • seeking innovative cost or time saving processes.
  • managing of changes in the project plan.
  • reporting of project results.


Your partner in contract development and manufacturing

Bioglan AB is your company’s partner and one-stop solution for a complete project or to meet a special need.
We provide support for pharmaceutical, healthcare and life science companies in all aspects of development and
manufacturing of semi-solid and liquid products.
We collaborate with companies of all sizes, from the smallest start-up to the leading pharmaceutical enterprises.

If you need help with product development of pharmaceuticals and medical devices and/or manufacturing of semi-
solid and liquid pharmaceuticals, please contact us.

Medicon Valley is one of the fastest growing and strongest regions in Europe in featuring cross border
partnerships between industry, universities, hospitals, and investors.

Our manufacturing authorization from the Swedish Medical Products Agency allows us to produce non-sterile
semi-solid and liquid products, whether at pilot scale for clinical trials or at full-scale to supply a large commercial
market. We can even be your QP release site for other types of products. The quality system fulfills the EU and
FDA GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) requirements as well as the ISO 13485 standard for Medical Devices.

Bioglan is a reliable, efficient and flexible organization that delivers your project with the highest quality at the right
time in a cost-effective way in a pleasant atmosphere. We are proud that we meet the quality requirements of the
global markets.

From product development to market

Bioglan is your partner from product development to commercial production. We provide a fast route to market to
save time and money and reduce development risk.

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