Environmental policy

Bioglan works effectively with issues related to Safety, Health and the Environment. Through follow-ups and good communication, all employees can contribute to the work, which also leads to an active acceptance of responsibility by employees towards customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.

Bioglan constantly strives to improve and therefore considers environmental aspects in its daily work. Ideas and proposals for environmental improvements and savings are encouraged, which results in increased participation among employees and between departments.

Bioglan believes that all forms of active work are important, not least as discussions about the environment and environmental impact have become increasingly central in our society. Both small and large efforts to influence the environment for the better then become significant.

Bioglan wants to contribute to a good environment and a sustainable society by:

• Prevent negative environmental impact by taking environmental considerations into account when making decisions and reduce the risks of releases of active substances (API) into the environment.
• Reduce the environmental impact from our facilities, transport, services and products.
• Continuously improve and communicate our environmental work.
• Comply with laws, agreements, and requirements.
• Bioglan runs on electricity that comes 100% from renewable energy.

We are ISO14001 certified

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