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Package size: 10g tube
Active principle: Hydrogen Peroxide, an antiseptic substance the bacteria cannot develop resistance against.
Description: Antiseptic / antibacterial cream, prevents infection in wounds, keeps wounds clean from bacteria. Used for small and superficial wounds such as scrapes, abrasions, broken cuticles, cracked skin, cold sores, and insect bites.


Package size: 100g tube
Active principle: Disulfiram 2g,
Benzyl Benzoate 22.5g
Description: Tenutex® cutaneous emulsion 20mg/g + 225mg/g is a treatment for scabies, head lice, and crab lice.


Package size: 25g tube
Active principle: Contains Hydrogen Peroxide and naturally occurring lipids. No preservatives.
Description: Microcid ®  is used for the treatment of impetigo.

Package size: 15g tube
Active principle: Innovative formulation of Hydrogen Peroxide
Description: Accelerates wound healing in various types of minor wounds, while offering antibacterial activity. Crystalip system: The sustained release provides an optimal environment for wound healing by controlling the moisture balance.




Package size: 250ml plastic bottle
Active principle: Chlorhexidine Gluconate
Description: Antiseptic vaginal cream used for all vaginal examinations, especially during childbirth.

Hialsorb cold

Package size: 100ml cream
Active principle: Active ingredients: chondroitin sulphate, hyaluronic acid, menthol
Description: For the relief of joint and muscle pain

Joint and tendon health

Fertility and reproduction


Package size: 60 capsules
Active principle: Ingredients/contents per daily dose (2 capsules/day): Chondroitin sulfate
440 mg, Collagen type 1 80 mg, Vitamin C 60 mg (75% of daily reference intake) and
Manganese 0.60 mg (30% of daily reference intake).
Description:Food supplements for joint and tendon health.


Package size: 30 dosage bags
Active principle: Ingredients/contents per daily dose (1 sachet/day): Vitamin C 90 mg (112.5% of daily reference intake), Vitamin E 10 mg (83% of daily reference intake), Folic acid 200 µg (100% of daily reference intake ), Zinc 10 mg (100% of daily reference intake) and Selenium 50 µg (91% of daily reference intake).
Description: Food supplements for male fertility and reproductive health.

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