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Founded as a research company in 1984, Bioglan turned into a contract development and manufacturing company during the 1990´s and the beginning of the 21st century. Bioglan is a pharmaceutical company that develops, manufactures and sells pharmaceuticals, medical devices, cosmetic products and food supplement.

Bioglan AB has 100 employees and is part of Reig Jofré Group, Barcelona/Spain, The production of our own brands together with contract manufacturing constitute the core business of Bioglan.

Reig Jofre has more than 1,100 employees, 4 development and production centres in Europe (2 in Toledo, 1 in Barcelona and 1 in Sweden), subsidiaries in 8 countries (Spain, France, Portugal, Belgium, Sweden, United Kingdom, Poland, and Singapore) and 155 business partners in more than 70 countries.

Bioglan´s products which are manufactured by Bioglan or Reig Jofre, are divided into three different business areas:
  • Pharmaceutical Technologies specialized in the development and manufacture of sterile and lyophilized injectable pharmaceutical products, as well as antibiotics derived from penicillin.
  • Specialty Pharmacare focused on the research, development, manufacture and commercialization of specialties in the areas of dermatology mainly.
  • Consumer Healthcare with chemical products and other OTC products in dental health.

We are ISO14001 certified

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