Formulation services

We at Bioglan have many years of experience in formulation development and in particular
development of semi-solid and liquid pharmaceutical products for topical use.

Typical criteria for topical products that are met during the development phase are:

  • Dosage form compatible with the target disease
  • Excipients that are not sensitizers and have low potential for irritation or other immunological reactions
  • Formulation is cosmetically elegant and user-friendly
  • Formulation is physically stable
  • Drug delivery is optimized
  • Active pharmaceutical ingredient is chemically stable in the formulation
  • Requirement of stabilising agents and/or preservatives
  • Formulation can be scaled-up and produced commercially

The long experience of product development of topical products has made us skilled in taking all these aspects
into account during the development phase.

Core activities within product development that can be handled at Bioglan:

  • Sourcing for active pharmaceutical ingredient, API
  • Raw material selection
  • Formulation development incl. pre-formulation and formulation screening
  • Manufacturing development
  • Packaging development
  • Manufacturing for¬†stability testing
  • Stability testing
  • Manufacturing for preclinical studies
  • Clinical trial material¬†

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